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Kawasaki 1976-80 KZ 1000

Service Repair Manual


Models: A2A A3A MKII A4 D3 Z1R



Kawasaki 1981-82-83 KZ1000 KZ1100 Service Repair Manual

1981-1982-1983 J1-K1-M1-B1-J2-K2-M2-B2-J3-R1-R2



Kawasaki 900-1000 Fours

Service Repair Manual






Z1000....................1976 >UP




kz1000 Engine


As the fastest production machine, it easily out-accelerated any other machine (2 or 4 wheeled) in its day.

Although the KZ1000 speed is not on par with today's modern sport-bike standards, it is still impressive for a carbureted 'muscle-bike' with points ignition (pre-'79) and is a popular platform for a lot of top-fuel and pro-stock drag bike competitors.

Maximum horsepower: 93 hp (69 kW) @ 8,000 rpm

Maximum torque: 8.1 kg.m@ 6,500 rpm

Braking distance: 11 m from 50 km/h

Climbing ability: 30°

Minimum turning radius: 2.4 m

KZ1000 Powertrain/Drivetrain


Type                      4 stroke, DOHC, 4 cylinder, air cooled 
Bore and stroke                70.0 mm x 66.0 mm
Displacement                      1,015 cc
Compression ratio        8.7
Maximum horsepower             93 hp (69 kW) @ 8,000 rpm [93hp='79 Kz1000 E-1 shaft]
Maximum torque                   8.1 kg-m @ 6,500 rpm
Valve timing              
        Open       30° BTDC 
Inlet   Closed     70° ABDC
        Duration   280°
        Open       70° BBDC
Exhaust Closed     30° ATDC
        Duration   280°
Carburetors                      (4) Mikuni VM26SS or VM28SS
Lubrication system       Wet sump
Engine oil         Type                   SAE SF 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, 20W50
Capacity                     3.7 l
Starting system       Electric starter and kick
Ignition system       Battery and coil (transistorized '79-)
Cylinder numbering method   Left to right, 1-2-3-4
Firing order                      1-2-4-3
Ignition timing       From 20° BTDC @ 1,450 rpm to 40° BTDC  @ 2,350 rpm                                                                                            
Spark plugs                      NGK B8ES
Gap                             .28-.32 mm

Kawasaki ditched the traditional 4-4 exhaust (available on Z-1 and KZ900) for a cheaper and a more easily produced 4-2 exhaust. This was a move made by Kawasaki to supposedly keep up with the sheer demand for the KZ1000 motorcycle and to target a broader consumer range.

The KZ1000 series came in either a chain drive or shaft drive ('79-) to turn the rear wheel.

KZ1000 Tires and Rims

The KZ1000P (police) sits on 18 inch wheels with Dunlop run-flat tires. The front tire is size MN90-18, and the back tire is size MR90-18. They came in either a cast magnesium or chrome-plated wire spoke rims.

KZ1000 Accessories

The KZ1000 came optional with a wind jammer fairing, saddle bags, a sissy bar and highway bars - all of which were removable without any interference with performance or function.

The fairing and saddle bags were molded fiber-glass resin made by Vetter, while the sissy bar and highway bar were chrome plated to accentuate the look.

Highway bars were also used for comfort on long trips that didn't require constant shifting or braking and usually held additional lighting, in combination with the single 7 inch halogen head lamp. Some newer accessories readily available include cafe fairings made by EMGO and Lockhart. For drag racing applications, POD filters often replace the stock airbox for an increase in air volume and velocity.

Kawasaki KZ1000 News

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